Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


With ARIA, you can not only generate a fully automated and reliable sustainability report in just a few minutes, but our user-friendly and straight-forward platform facilitates you to generate reports for individual or group of farms with no expertise needed. The main functionalities of the ARIA Platform are:

  • Automatic Risk Assessments reports
  • Online management of reports and requests
  • Request for detailed assessments
  • Online payment system

The ARIA platform not only offers the Automatic RIsk Assessment but also Requests for a more Detailed Assessment on field or plantation level to identify deforestation with higher accuracy.

The platform is designed for auditors to evaluate the sustainability risk of individual or group of farms for palm plantations located in Indonesia and Malaysia. The whole process is designed in a user friendly and straight-forward procedure. As the two countries together already supply more than 80% of palm production in the market, the demand for sustainable production is high.

After successfully registering, you sign in through the login page ( and can get started with the Automatic Risk Assessment. After completing the processing steps and receiving the report, a Request for the Detailed Assessment might be of interest to you.

The get started with the ARIA it is only required to have a registered account on the platform, valid outlines of the assessment area as well as basic data on the plantation.

ISCC is a leading certification system in the EU renewable energy sector regulated by the RED II. The ISCC sustainability requirements for farms and plantations are laid down in the form of six principles. ARIA can be a great supplement to audit the ISCC Principle 1 and ISCC Principle 2 criterion regarding the protection of biodiverse and carbon-rich areas. It supports the decision-making process of auditors to assess and quantify environmental conditions of the farms that are going to be certified.